Our Services

We strive to bring the skills, knowledge and efficiency of the professional and chartered accountants to small and medium enterprises who have never been able to afford these services, until now.

As an Accredited Accounting firm we offer assistance to various companies in drafting their Annual Financial Statements according to the relevant International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

We offer personal and professional service in the calculation and filing of your individual tax returns, provisional returns and offer expert advice on all individual tax-related matters.

Our team of expert Accountants will help you to run your accounting and books smoothly, while you focus on finding and moving stock.

Gain access to a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) to advise you and your bookkeeper to ensure company compliance and proper accounting practice.

Cloud-based products offer endless capabilities. We can assist you in finding the right accounting package for your business and do ongoing technical assistance in order for you to utilize the Cloud Based Accounting Package to its fullest potential.

With the experts at your side, you can rest assured that we will make sure your employees’ salary packages & UIF is structured to improve retention & save on resources.

Acute Accountants for Legal Practitioners has over 2 decades of combined expertise. With our specialized and certified team we take care of both business and trust accounting, ensuring that your trust integrity is maintained.

Our team of expert accountants have the expertise and tools to help make your Restaurant run smoothly and efficiently.

Do you find yourself in debt with the South African Revenue Service? Acute Accountants are able to assist in negotiating and structuring your repayments.

We guarantee to save you and your business more money than our accounting fees will cost you.

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