Do you know what it will do to the profitability of your business to have a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) advising your bookkeeper to ensure Company compliance, proper accounting practice, properly completed month end management accounts and assurance that your company is taking full advantage of the tax breaks available to it?

… All this at a fraction of the cost of employing or appointing a full time Chartered Accountant CA (SA)

Acute Accountants has already saved our clients millions of Rands in tax by identifying incorrect bookkeeping practices and failure by companies to identify tax breaks available to them.

By using our TOP-UP 2 ACCOUNTANT services, not only will your company run more efficiently, more profitably, and more financially informed but your company’s audit or review, at year-end, will be reduced in both time and cost.

We understand your business is as unique as you are. Let's build a tailored solution that works.

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