Our work enables us to do more good for our communities.


At Acute, we hold high regard for the importance of being responsible corporate citizens in South Africa. We have instituted a company policy of giving our time, skills and resources to worthy causes that equals at least Ten Percent of our turnover per annum.

Creating value and opportunity.

That is our greatest ambition.

If you are a Non Profit Organization which feels that it requires some financial relief, feel free to contact us and we would be grateful to discuss your needs with you.

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That’s the minimum percentage of our annual turnover which we commit for giving our time, skills and resources to worthy causes across the country.

These are some of the special projects we are privileged to be partnered with.

Timios Homes are committed to changing and impacting the lives of children in a positive manner – making a real difference.

Many children in South Africa are neglected and abused and will never know the love and care of a family. Timios Homes provides families for abused, orphaned and vulnerable children through foster care, and strive to provide assistance guiding these children’s processes towards more permanent placements i.e. adoption if possible. We are specialists in identifying and preparing suitable parents to take care of children in need. Our services focus mainly on the child in need and ensure that these children receive the best therapeutic, legal, physical, medical and psychological care. Most of all we want every child to experience love and security within a family environment. Timios Homes believes in and strives to give each child a voice and to restore their trust in people.

If you would like to donate or get involved with Timios Homes, please visit their website on www.timioshomes.co.za or dial 012 543 9802

Cause 4 Paws is a Non Profit Animal welfare organisation. Our main focus is sterilization and animal vaccination & outreach programs throughout Gauteng.

Cause 4 Paws started after its founding members found a gap in the welfare industry in Alberton and the southern suburbs and townships of Johannesburg, the management Committee of Cause 4 Paws felt that a greater focus of sterilisation and vaccination programmes were needed, as well as educational programmes on animal care.

At present the focus of Cause 4 Paws is outreach into township communities & suburbs where a need is identified.

As a management committee, we have seen both sides of the animal welfare industry. Having adopted animals ourselves, having seen what happens when animals fall through the cracks of the welfare system and what happens to those who do not get adopted we speak from our hearts when we say we are personally invested. Having adopted, fallen in love, and fought for our four legged companions, Cause 4 Paws was born out of a passion and love for animals. We truly believe in the beautiful words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”. We want to be part of the positive change in animal welfare in South Africa.

If you would like to donate or get involved with Cause 4 Paws, please visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cause4pawsnpc Or email reneparker4@gmail.com

Animal Law Reform South Africa (“ALRSA”) is a non-profit company and registered NPO. We were informally established in 2014 by a group of lawyers interested in animal protection. In 2017, Animal Law Reform South Africa was formally registered by lawyers from academia, practice and civil society. Attorney Amy P. Wilson and Professors David Bilchitz and Bonita Meyersfeld, are co-founders and directors of the board of ALRSA. They have a broad range of expertise and many years of experience in both human and animal legal issues.

Utilising the law as our tool, we work on intersectional issues to ensure justice for all that require it. Through our main pillars, as well as through collaboration, we believe we can achieve incremental change for vulnerable beings and ensure that their interests are accounted for in the legal system.

We intend to operate as an organisation that can be approached by all relevant stakeholders ranging from animal rights, welfare and protection organisations to the government. We are willing to engage with those involved in the utilisation of animals to better their conditions and protection, while holding industry accountable.  We therefore take a collaborative and not isolative approach and will work together, provided it falls within our mission and goals.

If you would like to donate or get involved with Animal Law Reform SA, please visit their website on www.animallawreform.org  or email amywilson@animallawreform.org

Cantare Children’s Choir is a talented choir from the greater Alberton area on Gauteng’s East Rand.

​The choir was founded in 1995 by Ida Strydom in conjunction with the former Southern Transvaal Education Department.  The Cantare choir has excelled as one of the best children’s choirs in South Africa and has given joy to thousands of listeners globally and served as a means of expression to hundreds of choristers across the spectrum of young South Africans.  It has been a way of uniting the youth of the Southern Gauteng Region and Greater Ekurhuleni MM across cultural barriers, racial stereotypes and social divides.
The choir was privatised and funded itself through concerts, fundraising and membership fees. The choir organisation enriched the lives of many children who all set out to do what the Italian word Cantare means: To sing!
The Cantare Board carries the responsibility for administration, finances, fundraising, marketing, tours and concerts in conjunction with the artistic director.

​Currently 70 choristers are part of our organisation. 75% of these choristers come from previous disadvantaged areas and participate in our development programme.

If you would like to donate or get involved with Cantare Children’s Choir, please visit their website on http://www.cantare.org.za or email cantare@telkomsa.net

Supporting our community, and supporting our clients.